Immunopharmacology of the Gastrointestinal System by John L. Wallace

By John L. Wallace

Illnesses of the digestive procedure have a better morbidity price than the other workforce of ailment. there's a turning out to be physique of facts that the immune method participates within the pathogenesis of a variety of those illnesses, together with peptic ulcer disorder and the gastropathy prompted via nonsteroidal anti inflammatory medications (NSAIDS). For those purposes, efforts to boost novel cures for digestive illnesses are more and more thinking about the immune method. This quantity stories the immunopharmacology of the gastrointestinal tract at 4 distinctive degrees: Immunomodulation at a mobile point mobile targers for immunomodulating medicines particular periods of inflammatory mediators software and mechanisms of motion of glucocorticoids within the therapy of ailments of the gastrointestinal tract

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Individual receptors have been identified for the leukotriene subtypes and this confers the capacity for multiple physiological roles and tissuespecific function. Presentation o f exogenous LTD4 and LTE4 to rabbit and rat ileum evokes a significant increase in chloride secretion. , 1990). There is no experimental evidence o f neuronal modification o f leukotriene-induced secretion. Further studies are required to elucidate the precise mechanism(s) o f leukotriene action and evaluate their interaction with other inflammatory mediators.

1987). Moreover, receptors for specific neuropeptides have been identified on representatives o f all the classes o f immunocytes (see O'Dorisio, 1986). Collectively these observations provide convincing evidence o f neuroim- 31 mune interaction and the modulation o f epithelial secretory processes. Yet, much remains to be done in the elucidation o f the full impact o f neuropeptides and the ENS in the control o f GI epithelial function. For example, the occurrence o f neuropeptide receptors on the basolateral membrane o f epithelial cells has not been examined for most peptide species.

OThree ie t c neuropeptides o n t r that are o f particular t importance ^ ° l °fepithelial transport are substance P, VIP and NPY. , 1988); all o f tunοη r oe res t h can affect the epithelium. , body 1990. and Experiments vitrolimited with throughout described inthe McGilli o f substance Ρ have shown that this exogenous supplies & . , , the , throughout. , the body and. ,described limited T S aC e1 increases intestinal I and that the response sc neuropeptid dependent (Kachur et al, 1982). e. NK1-3) have been d by bioassay and radioreceptor assay.

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