Industrial Aspects of Biochemistry and Genetics by Aslihan Tolun (auth.), N. Gürdal Alaeddinoğlu, Arnold L.

By Aslihan Tolun (auth.), N. Gürdal Alaeddinoğlu, Arnold L. Demain, Giancarlo Lancini (eds.)

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Natl. Acad. Sci. 80:5190-5194. C. J. Thompson, and J. E. Davies. 1984. Genetic engineering and antibiotics. Trends in biotechnology:in press. GENETIC INSTABILITY IN STREPTOMYCETES Ralf HUtter and Gilberto Hintermann Mikrobiologisches Institut Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule CH-8092 ZUrich, Switzerland I NTRODUCTI ON Streptomycetes and other actinomycetes can exhibit a remarkable degree of phenotypic variability, which is frequently due to genetic variability. This behaviour attracted interest, because it affects not only morphological characters but also various enzymatic activities, antibiotic resistance and the commercially important antibiotic production.

E. DNA areas) of unstable chromosomal sections. Conventional genetic analyses have shown, that "unstable mutations" behave as chromosomal lesions. g. , 1980). The question then arose which molecular events could be observed after mutations in unstable regions have occurred. The present data suggest two main mechanisms: deletion formation and amplification of DNA stretches. In the case of melanin formation it has been shown, that many melanin negative strains have lost the structural gene for tyrosinase formation (deletion >10 kb; Schrempf 1982, 1983a, 1983b; G.

2. Kur-Method of Yeast Transformation with Alkali Cations. (5) Mechanism of the introduction of plasmid DNA Plasmid DNA was introduced only after PEG was added into the reaction mixture. Although PEG plays an important role in yeast transformation, its action mechanism is not clear yet. Fig. 3. Effect of Li+ and Polyethylene Glycol by Ellipticity of Plasmid DNA (YCp19). , a XOh2~200~~~~rlo--2t,-~~~~~ - -1 -2 and PEG400Q (35%) 39 The highest number of transformants was obtained when the viable cell number began to decrease.

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