Inositol Phosphates and Derivatives. Synthesis, by Allen B. Reitz

By Allen B. Reitz

content material: Biochemistry, stereochemistry, and nomenclature of the inositol phosphates / R. Parthasarathy and F. Eisenberg, Jr. --
Phosphoinositides and their encouraged breakdown / B.W. Agranoff and S.K. Fisher --
Enantiospecific synthesis and Ca2+-release actions of a few inositol polyphosphates and their derivatives / Clinton E. Ballou and Werner Tegge --
Synthesis of inositol polyphosphates and their derivatives / Shoichiro Ozaki and Yutaka Watanabe --
Synthesis of myo-inositol polyphosphates / Joseph P. Vacca, S. Jane de Solms, Steven D. younger, Joel R. Huff, David C. Billington, Raymond Baker, Janusz J. Kulagowski, and Ian M. Mawer --
instruction of optically lively myo-inositol derivatives as intermediates for the synthesis of inositol phosphates / Trupti Desai, Alfonso Fernandez-Mayoralas, Jill Gigg, Roy Gigg, Carlos Jaramillo, Sheila Payne, Soledad Penades, and Nathalie Schnetz --
Pharmacological results of D-myo-inositol-1,2,6-trisphosphate / M. Sirén, L. Linné, and L. Persson --
Synthesis of latest myo-inositol derivatives containing phosphate, sulfate, and sulfonamido teams / Peter Westerduin and relentless A.A. van Boeckel --
Chemical transformations of inositol trisphosphates : tritiated, fluorinated, and phosphate-tethered analogues / Glenn D. Prestwich and James F. Marecek --
Novel routes to inositol phosphates utilizing Pseudomonas putida oxidation of arenes / Stephen V. Ley, Alison J. Redgrave, and Lam Lung Yeung --
Enantiospecific synthesis of inositol polyphosphates, phosphatidylinositides, and analogues from ( --
)-quinic acid / J.R. Falck and Abdelkrim Abdali --
Synthesis and complexation houses of inositol-phosphates / V.I. Shvets, A.E. Stepanov, L. Schmitt, B. Spiess, and G. Schlewer --
Phosphorothioate analogues of phosphatidylinositol and inositol 1,2-cyclic phosphate : program to the mechanism of phospholipase C / Karol S. Bruzik, Gialih Lin, and Ming-Daw Tsai --
Phosphorothioate analogues of D-myo-inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate : chemistry and biology / Barry V.L. Potter --
Synthesis and organic evaluate of inositol derivatives as inhibitors of phospholipase C / Franz Kaufmann, D. James R. Massy, Wolfgang Pirson, and Pierre Wyss --
Synthesis and organic overview of inositol phospholipid analogues / John G. Ward and Rodney C. Young.

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Agents Actions 1990, 29, 68-70. 21. Vallejo, M . ; Hanley, M . R. Nature 1987, 330, 656-658. 22. Nicoletti, F . ; Bruno, V . ; Copani, Α . ; Sortino, M . ; Canonico, P. L . Mol. Pharmacol. 1990, 37, 689-693. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1991. ch002 32 INOSITOL PHOSPHATES AND DERIVATIVES 23. Willcocks, A. L . ; Irvine, R. ; Nahorski, S. R. Biochem. J. 1989, 257, 297-300. 24. Agranoff, B. Β. Preparative Biochem. 1974, 4, 359-366. 25. Hokin, L. ; Hokin, M. R. Biochim.

Fatty acids and that extensive remodeling then occurs via deacylation-reacylation reactions. Of particular interest are reports that D-c/z/ro-inositol rather than myo-inositol may in some instances be present in PI anchors. It has been suggested that in diabetes, a phosphatidylinositol glycan may in fact be an insulin second messenger (33). ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1991. 2. AGRANOFF & FISHER Phosphoinositides and Their Stimulated Breakdown 31 inositol anchored proteins occur (52).

Adrenal muscarinic). Brain, parotid, medulla pancreas, smooth muscle, gastric mucosa, neuroblastoma, astro­ cytoma, retina, cochlea, adrenal medulla Concanavalin A. Thymocytes Purinergic (Ρ2)· Brain, neuro­ blastoma, adrenal medulla Endothelin. Brain, smooth muscle, gliomas Serotonergic ( 5 H T 2 and Brain, platelets, choroid plexus, insect salivary gland, smooth muscle f-Met-Leu-Phe. HL-60 cells Substance P. Parotid, brain, retina, pituitary Neutrophils, 5HTic). Glutamate (Quisqualatemetabotropic).

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