Introduction to Biblical Hebrew by Thomas O. Lambdin

By Thomas O. Lambdin

The major grammar on Biblical Hebrew within the English language.

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These camels are mine (lit. to me) and those camels are yours. 2. You have no understanding. 3. He is going up to the cattle which are in the mountains. 4. She is falling. 5. The boys are building a small house near the garden. 6. The people are dwelling in this land because it is great and beautiful. 7. He is placing (lit. giving) fire upon that wicked city. t. 136) LEssoN 9 43. The Perfect of :11 kdlab. There are two full verbal inflections for person, number, and gender for each Hebrew verb.

1 lt. n l) the forms of the participle are slightly modified. When the second consonant is a guttural, we find r? Ys so'trclinr nf IiTyS sO'trtlo! 'Lr n[-]! bltrPo v' crlrlng or n i. the feminine singular has a instead E'lt-l! t fleeing Irin:t h(tralnt is N '. which is not pronounced bOrallut When the third consonant close a syllable. the fem. sing. : NLiT c1(t rP' IrN'Liz 36. Vocabulary oLlt c1(trP(" )! Nli2 qora'fnt niN']i7 qor a' 6! when it would calling 6. ,r'tU t[ i NouNS: hii: qol (pl. s (pl.

6. The cities are near the rivers. ' ltl, ',, t I ri I i [[ ,"J, J. r i, L__ *' ll i tr-'r rl i )-l _f ull LEssoN 3 -f . ^t' \, t 21. The Definite Article (concluded). l'l? ,:r hamraggalim the spies Note that in these words the prefixing of the article occasions the loss of a syllable in pronunciation: hav-la-dtm, not ha-t,a-la-1tm. Exceptions to the preceding rule occur when the second syllable of the noun begins with y or ir lt: D"I:l;'i! r'ahfiltnr the Jews, Judaites Several words have a slightly different form with the article.

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