Is Animal Experimentation Ethical? by Bonnie Szumski

By Bonnie Szumski

Each one identify will hide a particular debatable subject in a story structure. the first spotlight will be on exploring all of the various and contrasting views of the difficulty in a balanced and insightful means.

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Irwin Boss, the former director of Biostatics at the Roswell Park Institute for Cancer Research, agrees with the Greeks. He makes the point that animals are only used after scientists demonstrate that a particular scientific premise is worth proving. Once potential therapies are tested on animals, however, they are not necessarily applicable to humans. In fact, they may even harm humans. Boss says: From a scientific standpoint “animal model systems” in cancer research have been a total failure.

Yet few think of the methods that must be used to supply the large number of animals required by schools and colleges. Invaluable Tool? Those who support the practice of dissection in the classroom assert that it provides critical hands-on experience to students learning about anatomy and physiological functions. In short, it allows students to view the internal structures of animals and to study how the organs and other tissues are I can still “remember interrelated. For those entering the medical and veterinary my professions, dissection provides contact with real tissues— first dissection bones, veins, and internal organs.

Then it’s on to the gas chamber. Many of the cats are still moving when workers pump formaldehyde into their veins. They clench their paws as the chemicals surge through their bodies. 40 Whether these incidents are unusual is difficult to determine, since biological supply companies are rarely investigated, and their practices remain somewhat secretive. However, discussion remains 57 over whether the benefits of dissection outweigh the huge cost to animal populations. Even supporters of dissection would no doubt find such cruelty reprehensible.

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