[Journal] Harvard Ukrainian Studies. Vol. VIII. No 3-4

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Ju. Kryms'kyj: Bibliohrafilnyjpokaiiyk (1889-1971) (Kiev, 1972). A. Ju. Kryms'kyj, Tvory νp"jaty tomax (Kiev, 1972-74). 324 JAROSLAV STETKEVYCH edition of 1901 and the conclusive, and indeed reclusive, edition of 1919. As a whole, the collection is the image of Ahatanhel Kryms'kyj the poet—or, looked at somewhat more broadly, it is the image of Ahatanhel Kryms'kyj that Ivan Franko might have conceived and programmed in his own mind across the distancings that separated Kryms'kyj's Zvenyhorodka and Kiev, institutional academic Moscow, Syria and Beirut, and again Moscow, from Franko's own world, whose internal expanse was as vast as its external reaches were curtailed.

32 What does all this mean? Well, quite simply, it means that Ahatanhel Kryms'kyj, who in the main part of "Sullied Love" sees his fictitious protagonist as a majnün— or a prytynnyj, that is, as a poet in the 'Udhrî mode—has deliberately altered the rhetoric in his dedicatory poem drastically, for here he assumes the posture of a courtly panegyrist, someone closer in style to al-Mutanabbî when that poet praises, or cajoles, his patron, the Hamdänid ruler of tenth-century Aleppo. For alMutanabbî's diction, when meant for that patron—and for that patron only, one must say—also abounds in the likes of viglietto dolce and asseverations of being the bestower of truth and learning, or their tenth-century equivalents.

30 Finally, MeSćerskij cites "the peculiar rendering of the Hebrew causative" in 6:1 i sîıtvori pojazditi emu po ulicjam grada 'and led him mounted [lit. caused him to ride] through the city square'. This is Bible, see M. Altbauer, " O pewnej funkcji nieodmiennego imiesłowu czasu teraźniejszego w polszczyźnie," Studia lingüistica in honorem Thaddaei Lehr-Sptawiński, ed. T. Milewski et al. (Warsaw, 1963), pp. 3 3 3 - 3 7 . 28 See Susan Daniel, "Expressions with head, mouth, heart in the Septuagint translation of the Bible" [in Hebrew], in Hebrew Language Studies Presented to Professor Zeev Bar-Hayyim [in Hebrew], éd.

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