Jung and Educational Theory by Inna Semetsky

By Inna Semetsky

Jung and academic Theory bargains a brand new tackle Jung’s paintings, supplying unique, wealthy and informative fabric on his impression on academic research.

  • Explores Jung’s writing from the viewpoint of academic philosophy, assessing what it has to supply to theories of education
  • Highlights Jung’s emphasis on education’s function in mentioning built-in and moral human beings
  • Offers the views of a variety of lecturers and practitioners, on themes starting from the position of the subconscious in studying to the polytheistic classroom
  • Both a precious addition to the educational library and an important new source within the expert improvement of teachers

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Or we can try mountain climbing or jumping out of planes. One of the most useful things a teacher can do for adolescents is to teach them ways to have fun without getting drunk or stoned. Prometheus the Saviour The image of Prometheus the Titan has been enormously significant in European consciousness. He is the creative mind. He is the god who created man (not woman), who took humanity’s side against the will and wrath of Zeus. He is the hero who defied the patriarchy in the name of individual freedom, who brought light into our darkness.

Hermes the Salesman If there was any god more popular in classical times than Aphrodite, it was Hermes, the god of travellers, shepherds, thieves, merchants and scholars. He is a very slippery character, an opportunist without any respect for conventional morality, a trickster, a liar and a thief. He is elusive, unpredictable and mischievous. The Greeks believed him to be friendly to mortals, but they were careful not to trust him too much. In recent years Prometheus’ myth of progress has been replaced by Hermes’ myth of the marketplace, and Hermes, god of the marketplace, has taken a strong hold on our consciousness.

Art is the ‘extension of the power of rites and ceremonies to unite men, through a shared celebration, to all incidents and scenes of life;’ art ‘renders men aware of their union with one another in origin and destiny’ (Dewey, 2005, p. 282). The relevance of Jungian thought to contemporary education is precisely in what Greene calls a ‘breath of possibility’—the possibility of embracing life in its fullness and totality of human experience, which means tapping into the realms of conscious and unconscious, actual and transcendental, physical and metaphysical.

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