Kilkenny: Kilkenny Series, Book 3 by Louis L'Amour

By Louis L'Amour

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Kilkenny nodded. “I see. ” “He’s not here, not yet. But he’s comin’. South of here on the flat he’s got six thousand head of cattle. That’s the second herd. The first one was four thousand head. ” “He’ll need a lot of land for that many cattle,” Kilkenny said. ” He jerked his head. “That one, the one you shot. He was tall-talkin’ around here. Said if they didn’t get the land any other way they knew how they could get it. ” “It’s been done,” Kilkenny said. Stockton nodded gloomily. “Which makes it mighty tough on the little man who can’t hire gunmen.

Lott was watching the older man, and Lott was in a killing mood. Why he did it, Kilkenny would never know. Perhaps he wanted to see no man murdered. He spoke softly, just loud enough for Lott to hear. “Careful, Lott! ” Lott stiffened at the name, and Kilkenny saw his eyes shift, then return to Tetlow. ” Lott demanded of the older man. ” The old man stood a little straighter. “I’m Jared Tetlow! ” Harry Lott was no fool. And at that moment he saw the third man. It was the big man Kilkenny had seen earlier in the Westwater dining room.

Kilkenny shrugged, then he said ironically, “Yes, Carson might have tried to take Tetlows herd away from him. He might have figured that fifty to one was about the right odds. ” He got to his feet, noticing out of the corners of his eyes that the jailer was scowling thoughtfully. “Reckon I’ll look around a mite. ” The sun lay lazily upon the town. A red hen pecked at some refuse lying in the dust, and a black and white shepherd dog flicked a casual tail at flies. Kilkenny strolled up to the Pinenut Saloon and rolled a smoke, leaning against the awning stanchion.

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