Lacanian Ink 27: The Names-of-the-Father by Josefina Ayerza (Editor)

By Josefina Ayerza (Editor)

Lacanian experiences

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In his text, "The mirror stage," Lacan indicates that it is like the threshold of the visible world. 23 In this image, in spite of the mixed sentiments it can inspire, going from jubilation to rage, in the now classic description Lacan gives it, rests the principle of my being in the world, or at least of my being in the visual world. Another reference in these old texts is "Propos sur la cau­ salite psychique": "There is no antinomy between the objects that I perceive and my body, whose perception is constituted by an accord lacanian ink 32 with the most natural of them.

ARIADNE' s THREAD 1 . THE TRJEBREGUNG A SMALL MATRIX I would like to leave Ariadne's thread in your hands so that you can unwind it and take a Roman route to orient yourselves in the labyrinth of the Seminar on Anxiety. I could leave you this me­ mento to thwart the glitter and the lures which are multiplied by Lacan, who doesn't say all he knows here, and of which we have the trace in his contemporary writing, in particular the end of "The subversion of the subject," which is simply how the function of the objet petit a relates to what is presented of its substance, its nature, its identity.

MAJOR EFFECT OF LANGUAGE ON JowssANcE The subjective realization, if one admits that petit a is inscribed between the Big A (the Other) and $ , passes through the produc­ tion of objects which are, Lacan says, in the same series as petit a. This is because this realization passes through works, acts and the surmounting of anxiety which it implies; that is to say that it passes through the passage under the bar, the breaching of the bar­ rier. One must then denaturalize the objet petit a and desubstantify it, otherwise one will not understand how the analyst herself, in Lacan 's subsequent teaching, can be inscribed in the same series as the objet petit a.

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