Libya between Ottomanism and nationalism: The Ottoman by Rachel Simon

By Rachel Simon

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52 - - 53 - A large minority of Republicans believed that it was worthwhi le penetrating into Libya because of regarded peaceful penetration as a its fertile but terrain, they "meaningless gesture " . They he ld that Italian rule in Libya was indispensable for political equilibri um in the Med iterranean , that it would improve Italy ' s position vis-�-vis its allies in Europe. They believed , furthermore , that Ital ian rule in Libya would enable the government to protect Italian comnunities in among the Libya .

The Ottomans stated Istanbul demanded that the Ottoman Government reply within 24 hours frcm the t ime the ultimatum was presented , The Ottomans neither accepted nor rejected the I talian ultimatum. otherwise the Ital ian government would be 124 compelled to take immediate steps to carry out the occupation. The They suggested continuing Italian requests , ultimatum did not mention any specific event (with the vague promise ccmmitments. lying Ottar�n the Empire . change The sole in Italian policy justification was towards that Libya Italy a more the same pattern of relations , sympathetic attitude on future giving a Italian but not at the expense of national interests or previous exception of the arms ship "Derna" , and this was only hinted at) as behind of There was little difference between these premises and and the prev ious Ottoman policy .

Although these agreements had been reached in secret , rumours the Ottomans who began to suspect the existence of an capable of protecting Ottoman sovereignty and territorial integrity , there were those who doubted European readiness to fulfill A short while before war broke out, the Grand Vezir, Ibrahim Hakk1 Pa�a , was of the opinion that the Powers could prevent understanding concerning Libya between Italy and the Powers . But even on still have had serious arguments with them. The Ottoman Empire viewed between the Powers and Italy regarding Libya, guarantee of its security .

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