Life During the Spanish Inquisition by Adam Woog

By Adam Woog

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Family members shrink from one another, including from small children who might innocently reveal what has gone on in their homes. Every night when darkness falls parents clasp their children to them and creep from the city, crouched shadowy figures furtively hugging the sides of roads. Erna Paris, The End of Days. Amherst, NY: Prometheus, 1995, pp. 162–63. cluded farm labor such as harvesting olives and oranges, shepherding and woodcutting, or hauling resources like timber for shipbuilding.

But others advocated armed resistance. A witness to one such meeting recalled hearing comments such as these: “What do you think of them [Catholics] acting thus against us? Are we not the most propertied members of this city, and well loved by the people? Let us collect men together. And if they come to take us, we, together with armed men and the people will 50 A woodcut depicting the torture and burning in Granada, Spain, of Jews accused of heresy and witchcraft by the Spanish Inquisition. In March 1492, Ferdinand and Isabella issued the Edict of Expulsion requiring Jews—as well as Muslims—to convert to Christianity, leave Spain, or face certain death.

They may not carry gold, silver, coral, pearls, or other things, nor precious stones; they may not wear any sort of silk or camlet [a type of fine cloth].  . 39 Estimates vary widely, but as many as 600,000 Jews and 250,000 Muslims may have taken this route by the end of the fifteenth century. Publicly renouncing one’s faith was a radical step, and almost always not a welcome one for minorities. But as the Inquisition tightened its grip, conversion often provided the only path to survival. ”40 The Working Life One area in which minorities, even those who converted, suffered was in their working life.

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