Life in Colonial America by Julia Garstecki

By Julia Garstecki

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The Primer taught children to read and about various topics. Each letter and phrase accompanied a matching picture: A - In Adam’s Fall, We sinned all. B - Thy life to mend, This Book attend. C - The Cat doth play, and after slay. D - A Dog will bite A thief at night. E - An Eagle’s flight Is out of sight Source: The New England Primer. Benjamin Harris, 1688. Print. Consider Your Audience Review this passage closely. How does this schoolbook compare with yours? Write some phrases of your own that modern students could use to study letters.

Sail makers, rope makers, and blacksmiths outfitted them. Sailors made up their crew. Whaling provided ivory, blubber, and oil for light. Many indentured servants and slaves worked in the whaling industry. In the Middle Colonies corn and wheat grew well. Rivers provided power for mills to grind grain. The land was rich with iron, creating jobs for miners. indd 29 10/13/14 1:32 PM Farming continued Tobacco Colonist leader John Rolfe to be an important occupation throughout recognized the importance the colonies.

The children set the table for the evening meal. Afterward, as the grownups talk, the girls clean up the meal and head to bed. Tomorrow the family starts planning for the coming winter months. After dinner Sara goes to work on the farm. She collects carrots and lettuce as well as rosemary and thyme. The family will use the ingredients for supper. m. indd 43 10/13/14 1:32 PM INK H T D N A P STO Why Do I Care? The first colonists came to the United States more than 400 years ago. Reflect on what you have read in this book and consider what has changed in this country since that time.

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