Lightning Protection Guide 2nd Updated Edition by Dehn + Sohne

By Dehn + Sohne

Considering that its origin in 1980, the IEC TC eighty one "lightning safety" of the foreign Electrotechnical fee (IEC) has drawn up diversified criteria, for the security of constructions from lightning, for the security of electric platforms, for possibility research and for the simulation of results of lightning....

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A deviation from these yearly inspection plan is accepted if it makes sense to carry out the tests in intervals of 14 to 15 months in order to measure the conductivity of the ground at different times of the year in order to get knowledge of seasonal changes. 1 Longest interval between inspections of the LPS acc. de ⇒ restorations, ⇒ extensions or ⇒ repairs on a protected building or structure have been carried out. These inspections shall also be carried out when it is known that a lightning has struck the lightning protection system.

If lightning strikes the earth near a building or structure, or neighbouring buildings, the following risk component is created: RM Risk of malfunctioning of electrical and electronic systems as a result of surges caused by direct lightning strikes to the ground next to the building or structure. de Lightning strike (with regard to the structure) Source of damage Direct S1 Indirect S2 Direct lightning Lightning strike strike into the into the earth structure next to the structure Type of damage D1 Electric shock to living beings S3 S4 Direct lightning strike into the entering supply line Lightning strike into the earth next to the entering supply line RA = ND .

The task of the risk assessment therefore involves the determination of the three parameters N, P and L for all relevant risk components. This involves establishing and determining of many individual parameters. A comparison of the risk R thus established with a tolerable risk RT then enables a statement to be made about the requirements and the dimensioning of lightning protection measures. An exception is the consideration of the economic losses. For this kind of damage the protective measures have to be justified strictly by the economical point of view.

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