Literature of Ideas in Egypt: Selection, Translation, and by Louis Awad

By Louis Awad

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Arabic Literature to the End of the Umayyad Period (The Cambridge History of Arabic Literature)

Initially released in 1983, The Cambridge background of Arabic Literature used to be the 1st basic survey of the sphere to were released in English for over fifty years and the 1st tried in such element in a multi-volume shape. The volumes of the historical past offer a useful resource of reference and knowing of the highbrow, literary and spiritual historical past of the Arabic-speaking and Islamic global.

Purity Lost: Transgressing Boundaries in the Eastern Mediterranean, 1000--1400 (The Johns Hopkins University Studies in Historical and Political Science)

Purity misplaced investigates the porous nature of social, political, and spiritual limitations time-honored within the jap Mediterranean—from the Black Sea to Egypt—during the center a while. during this fascinating learn, Steven A. Epstein unearths that individuals continuously defied, missed, or transcended regulations designed to maintain racial and cultural purity with a view to identify relationships with these diversified from themselves.

Killing Mr Lebanon. The Assassination of Rafik Hariri and Its Impact on the Middle East

Lebanese best Minister Rafik Hariri, often called *Mr. Lebanon,* was killed via an enormous explosion as he drove alongside the Beirut seafront on February 14, 2005. A company entrepreneur, who rose from not anything to turn into essentially the most strong males in Lebanese politics, Hariri's assassination has incited outrage and suspicion.

The World of Persian Literary Humanism

What does it suggest to be human? Humanism has quite often thought of this query from a Western standpoint. via a close exam of an unlimited literary culture, Hamid Dabashi asks that question anew, from a non-European viewpoint. The solutions are clean, provocative, and deeply transformative.

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34 Refugee Status in Islam The hijra to Medina was not the first of its kind, as the hijra to Abyssinia preceded it by eight years. However, it was unique in the sense that it symbolized the start of the coming era, where Muslims established their own state for the first time in history, practised their religion without fear of persecution and spread Islam outwards. The atmosphere in Mecca before hijra to Medina In this period, the torture and oppression of Muslims by the Quraysh continued, making the need for a safe haven a priority.

The second person after the Prophet to lead the Muslims, his faith according to fiUmar Ibn al-Kha††āb (al-Dhahabī, 2000, vol. 8, p. 405) would be heavier than that of the whole nation if it were to be weighed. Like the Prophet and other Muslims, Abu Bakr was harassed and persecuted by Quraysh because of his conversion. He asked the Prophet’s permission to migrate and the Prophet gave it. Abu Bakr left Mecca and after two days of travel, he met Ibn al-Dighna who asked him where he was going. Abu Bakr explained that his people had harmed him and that he was leaving Mecca.

4, p. 256). Another powerful indication of the changes taking place in the society’s tribal relations was the offer by the son of fiAbdullah Ibn Ubayy after hearing what his father had said. He went to the Prophet and expressed his readiness to bring the head of his father to the Prophet, should he order him. The Prophet refused, however, and told him to be gentle with his father as long as he was alive18 (al-‡abarī, 1984, vol. 28, p. 116). After this incident and what followed for Ibn Ubayy, the influence of the munāfiqūn started to fade while the Muslims continued to gather strength and power in establishing the new Islamic state, which became a safe haven for any Muslim seeking refuge.

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