Lithostratigraphic Analysis of Sedimentary Basins by C. E. B. Conybeare

By C. E. B. Conybeare

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2-4. Also shown is the distribution of Mesozoic and Tertiary sedimentary basins formed around the edges of the uplifted areas, the erosion of which has contributed to the load of sediment deposited in these basins. On a megascale of continental dimensions the figure illustrates the geographical relationships of the younger basins to the areas underlain by older deformed basins and to the uplifted areas or cratons of the Precambrian shield. These younger marine basins deposited on the margins of the continental mass are in large part of epicontinental to neritic origin.

Proterozoic strata become more problematical. Sedimentary structures and other features are commonly not as well preserved as in the younger beds. Also one cannot be certain that on a quantitative basis sedimentary processes operated as they do today or as they appear to have done during the Tertiary. These processes are reflected in the nature, thickness, and distribution of strata within the sedimentary framework of a delta, an example of which is given later with reference to the GangesBrahmaputra Delta.

Local environments can be defined as those in which deposition of sediments is related to a particular geomorphic feature such as a river system, lake, or a chain of barrier islands. Each of these features has its own facies. For example, within a river system deposition takes place in point bars, on floodplains, and in the backswamp areas of the system; in lakes the deposits of mud and sand may be fringed by swamp; and along a chain of barrier islands the seaward side forms a sloping beach of sand, whefeas the lagoon side may be a coastal marsh or intertidal mud flat.

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