Louis XVs Army (5) by Renе Chartrand

By Renе Chartrand

In 1715 France had a immense out of the country empire in the United States, Africa and Asia, its colonies garrisoned through hundreds of thousands of normal officials and squaddies who belonged to the Navys colonial institution or by means of the French East India Companys troops.

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Ed. Parviz Morewedge (Albany: State University of New York Press, 1992), pp. 247-57. 17. Smith, Experience and God, p. 121. 18. , pp. 121ff. 19. Ibid. pp. 128. 20. Ibid. pp. 134-38. 21. Ibid. p. 139. 22. Ibid. p. 143. 23. Ibid. p. 144. 24. Ibid. pp. 149-57. 25. Ibid. Page 19 Morality and Obligation ROBERT J. J. Fordham University During his philosophical career, John Smith has ranged over a wide spectrum of philosophers and philosophical traditions. In fact, I know of no other philosopher who has more ably commented on the history of philosophy from the Greeks to the present.

But they then awaken just suspicion, and cannot claim the sincere respect which reason accords only to that which has been able to sustain the test of free and open examination. It might seem silly to ask some philosophical projects whether they have any resources for responding to such a challenge. But I believe it is not silly to look for such resources in the work of John Smith. If the essays collected in this volume, like John's work itself, tend not to thematize this political and cultural horizon in which our philosophizing takes place today, we should not infer that this stimulating philosophical conversation has no relevance for that context.

9 Two aspects are thus included in Royce's notion of person: namely, self as a plan to be fulfilled, and person as related to community. 10 Later it will be seen how a similar problem can be raised regarding Smith's own moral theory. In any case, Smith unites will, the person, and morality into a single theme. "11 Page 21 We become truly persons when we make choices and engage in activities that lead to the fulfillment of the self and of others. This constitutes the purpose or life plan the individual has freely chosen.

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