Love's Hidden Symmetry by Bert Hellinger

By Bert Hellinger

Love’s Hidden Symmetry is a publication to be learn slowly … after which to be learn time and again. this is a chance to find the paintings of Bert Hellinger, whose generative method of intervening in structures has already reached throughout Europe into the hearts and minds of a various healing community.

A full of life mixture of narrative, storytelling, transcript fabric, and poetic imagery is invoked to explain, and to illustrate, what Hellinger calls “the orders of love” and the way disturbances within the orders of affection create a legacy that needs to be reckoned with for generations to come back. yet those deeply embedded forces within the kinfolk method might be harnessed for therapeutic after they are stated, revered, and lightly redirected.

Hellinger’s simple software for aiding kin repair stability is using kinfolk constellations. Hellinger, in addition to coauthors Gunthard Weber and Hunter Beaumont, clarifies how this system might be sophisticated and increased to impress the power of everybody concerned towards a better experience of good- being. The transcripts incorporated within the ebook support to catch the extreme power of operating effectively with kinfolk constellations. The profound pain of a lot of those members is greater than matched by way of the chance for peace that's published within the healing work.

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Faced with a population explosion, n a t u r e increasingly d e m a n d s a n d supports couples foregoing p a r e n t h o o d , providing t h e m with alternative expressions of h u m a n n e s s a n d love. Still, m a n y people with w h o m we have worked feel a painful loss at foregoing p a r e n t h o o d a n d work hard to accept their loss without minimizing it, to find lifestyles that bring m e a n i n g a n d the d e e p satisfaction of soul that c o m e automatically to parents in a healthy family.

In t h a t way, o u r n e e d for e q u i l i b r i u m c o n s t r a i n s a n d limits love. B u t love also c o n s t r a i n s e q u i l i b r i u m . W h e n o n e p a r t n e r d o e s s o m e t h i n g t h a t causes p a i n o r injury t o t h e o t h e r , t h e n t h e injured p e r s o n m u s t r e t u r n s o m e t h i n g t h a t causes a similar p a i n a n d difficulty in o r d e r to m a i n t a i n a b a l a n c e of giving a n d t a k i n g — b u t in s u c h a w a y t h a t love is n o t destroyed.

T h e y achieve a b a l a n c e of giving a n d taking w h e n they give to the n e x t g e n e r a t i o n w h a t they t o o k from t h e earlier g e n e r a t i o n . Children and students may do the same. Borries v o n M i i n c h h a u s e n describes this beautifully in t h e following p o e m 16 Love's The Hidden Golden Symmetry Ball For the love my father gave to me I did not give him due. As child, I didn't know the value of the gift. As man, became too hard, too like a man. My son grows to manhood now, loved with passion, as no other, present in his father's heart.

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