LSD Blotter Pictures by Franzosa E.S., Harper C.W.

By Franzosa E.S., Harper C.W.


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This ribbon is not a filament, but rather acts as a more two-dimensional band, and appears to be the site of calcite nucleation (see Volume 1, Fig. 4b, insert). Three acidic polysaccharides, termed PS1, PS2, and PS3, were isolated and characterized, and their functions were analyzed by a series of immunolocalization studies and mutant analyses. PS1 and PS2 were found to be involved in ion accumulation, and PS3 in crystal growth and shaping. 1) was found to be localized at the interface between the first crystallites and the membrane of the mineralizing vesicle, and to be responsible for acquiring anvil-like crystals by growth of the first crystallites.

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