Macworld DVD Studio Pro bible by Todd Kelsey

Build and Format Disc. Choose a location where the files for your DVD will be written, and click the Select button at the bottom of the window. ) The VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders are written to your hard drive, during a process known as multiplexing, where all the information in the DVD project is encoded into a format that a DVD player will understand.

F 34 11/8/01 11:23 AM Page 34 Part I ✦ Working with DVD Studio Pro Figure 2-6: View Size drop-down menu Using the Add Track button Click the Add Track button to add an empty track tile to the workspace. When they are developed, tracks will contain assets, individual video and audio files that become the core of a DVD’s material. Use the Add Track button to add up to 99 tracks to your projects. For example, you first add a track to the project and then incorporate the assets within the newly created track.

This represents a button in the Detholz Main Menu screen which allows the user to go to the Rick screen. Figure 2-5: Lines drop-down menu, with menu and track tiles Adjusting the view size of your tiles The View Size drop-down menu as shown in Figure 2-6 enables you to view tiles as either large or small. Large tiles look like tabbed file folders. Large tiles contain a small preview window for a thumbnail graphic and buttons with numbers indicating the amount of assets being used within that particular tile.

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