Magus of Stonewylde by Kit Berry

By Kit Berry

Sylvie is loss of life. A sufferer of crippling bronchial asthma, poisoned via the toxins and chemical compounds of recent lifestyles, Sylvie is trapped in a clinic mattress. there is an alternate group hidden away in a nook of Dorset. If their chief could permit Sylvie stopover at, then maybe the fresh air and eco-friendly way of life may well fix her power.

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So you propose the symptoms are purely psychosomatic? ’ Hazel shot Sylvie a glance of apology. ‘No, not self-inflicted exactly. Rather a physical rejection of the twenty-first century and the artificial and unnatural environment we’ve created. ’ ‘What a fascinating theory. But in the meantime, medication will continue and her diet will be strictly controlled. We’ll discharge her at the end of the week and see what happens. ’ Later Hazel came back alone and sat down, taking Sylvie’s hand. ‘I’m sorry, Sylvie, discussing you this morning as if you weren’t there.

He was surprised to see the gleam of blond hair in the lantern light as Magus appeared in the stable courtyard. ’ ‘Aye, sir. ’ ‘A pity you let him go. ’ ‘Hard work never hurt anyone, Tom, as we both know. I hope he’s learnt his lesson. Can you believe I found the boy lying about in the fields watching hares? ’ ‘Yul worked well whilst he was here, sir. ’ ‘Yes, too much of a way. While I was reprimanding him, he actually had the cheek to stroke Nightwing! Nobody touches my horse – everyone knows that.

No, darling, we can’t. You heard what Magus said. And it would be very rude to turn up unannounced. It sounds like some sort of religious ceremony, doesn’t it? ’ ‘It sounds wonderful, almost unearthly. ’ In the flickering light Sylvie’s eyes shone brightly and Miranda smiled. Life had returned to her daughter. Miranda had spent the whole of Sylvie’s life feeling guilty for failing her. Guilty for getting pregnant and not telling anyone until people noticed the tell-tale bump. For going to university and not being a full-time mother, and then for teaching but never earning enough money.

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