Mathematics: Applications and Concepts, Course 1, Student by McGraw-Hill Education

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Setting the traditional in center university arithmetic arithmetic: functions and ideas is a three-course heart university sequence meant to bridge the distance from straightforward arithmetic to Algebra 1. this system is designed to inspire your scholars, let them to determine the usefulness of arithmetic on the planet round them, increase their fluency within the language of arithmetic, and get ready them for achievement in algebra and geometry.

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20 10. 48 Write each product using an exponent. Then find the value. 11. 9 и 9 12. 8 и 8 и 8 и 8 13. 3 и 3 и 3 и 3 и 3 и 3 и 3 14. 5 и 5 и 5 и 5 и 5 15. 11 и 11 и 11 16. 7 и 7 и 7 и 7 и 7 и 7 For Exercises See Examples 11–16 1 19–29 2 38–39 3 17–18, 30–37 4 17. GEOGRAPHY New Hampshire has a total land area of about 10,000 square miles. Write this number as a power with base of 10. Extra Practice See pages 595, 624. 18. SCIENCE The Milky Way galaxy is about 100,000 light years wide. Write 100,000 as a power with 10 as the base.

WRITE A PROBLEM Write about a real-life situation that can be solved using divisibility rules. Then solve the problem. 43. CRITICAL THINKING What is true about the product of an odd number and an even number? 44. CRITICAL THINKING If all even numbers are divisible by 2, is it true that all odd numbers are divisible by 3? If so, explain your reasoning. If not, give a number for which this is not true. 45. GRID IN Find the greatest 3-digit number not divisible by 3. 46. MULTIPLE CHOICE Which statement best describes the numbers shown at the right?

235 Ϫ 126 Label Label the tabs with the topics from the chapter. tterns Number Pa and Algebra 1-1 A Plan for Problem Solving ity Patterns 1-2 Divisibil ors 1-3 Prime Fact s and Exponent 1-4 Powers Operations 1-5 Order of 1-6 Algebra: Variables and 1-7 Algebra: 1-8 Geometry: Expressions ns atio Solving Equ angles Area of Rect Multiply. (Page 590) 15. 25 ϫ 12 16. 18 ϫ 30 17. 42 ϫ 15 18. 27 ϫ 34 19. 50 ϫ 16 20. 47 ϫ 22 Divide. (Page 590) 21. 72 Ϭ 9 22. 84 Ϭ 6 23. 126 Ϭ 3 24. 146 Ϭ 2 25. 208 Ϭ 4 26.

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