Mathematics for the IB Diploma Standard Level with CD-ROM by Paul Fannon

By Paul Fannon

This name varieties a part of the thoroughly new arithmetic for the IB degree sequence. This hugely illustrated coursebook, on hand in either print and ebook codecs, has been written to particularly conceal the hot IB commonplace point syllabus. according to the hot team five goals, the innovative strategy encourages cumulative studying. good points comprise: a committed bankruptcy completely for mixed workouts; lots of labored examples; questions colour-coded in keeping with grade; exam-style questions; characteristic packing containers of tricks and suggestions. The print ebook incorporates a CD-ROM delivering a whole e-version of the publication, extension worksheets, earlier studying sheets, calculator talents sheets and fill-in proofs. those extra fabrics also are incorporated within the publication model.

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Not for printing, sharing or distribution continued . . The ball hits the ground when y = 0, so we know that y = 0 when x = 18. 25 16 ⇒ We can draw the graph and find the values of x for which y > 4. To do this, we need the intersection of the graph with the horizontal line y = 4. 7 x (3 SF) (from GDC) Exercise 1F 1. 75. What are the two numbers? [6 marks] 2. A rectangle has perimeter equal to 12 cm. Let x cm be the length of one of the sides. Express the area of the rectangle in terms of x, and hence find the maximum possible area of the rectangle.

A) When does the ball return to the ground? (b) Find the maximum height of the ball. y B C 5. The enclosure ABCD consists of straight lines AB and CD together with a semi-circle BC. ABCD is a rectangle with sides x and y, as shown in the diagram. The perimeter of the enclosure is 60 m. (a) Show that the area of the enclosure is given by 1 A y − πyy 2. 8 (b) Show that the maximum possible area of the enclosure is when x = 0 (so that the enclosure is a semi-circle). x A [4 marks] D (c) Find the possible dimensions of the enclosure so that its area is 200 m2.

6 marks] 7. The air temperature T (in degrees Celsius) around a light bulb is given by the equation T = A+ B×2 − x k where x is the distance in millimetres from the surface of the light bulb. The background temperature in the room is a constant 25°C, and the temperature on the surface of the light bulb is 125°C. (a) Suppose that the air temperature 3 mm from the surface of the bulb is 75°C. Find the values of A, B and k. (b) Determine the air temperature 2 cm from the surface of the bulb. (c) Sketch a graph of air temperature against distance from the surface of the bulb.

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