MATLAB Graphical Programming by César Pérez López (auth.)

By César Pérez López (auth.)

MATLAB helps you to paintings with its pix services in just about all parts of the experimental sciences and engineering. The instructions that MATLAB implements in task comparable photos are really valuable and are very efficient.

MATLAB has capabilities for operating with two-dimensional and three-d pics, statistical graphs, curves and surfaces in particular, implicit, parametric and polar coordinates. It additionally works completely with twisted curves, surfaces, volumes and graphical interpolation. MATLAB Graphical Programming addresses these kinds of concerns by means of constructing the next topics:This publication is a reference designed to provide you an easy syntax instance of the instructions and to graph it so you might see the outcome for:

  • Two dimensional graphics
  • Statistical graphics
  • Curves in specific coordinates
  • Curves in parametric coordinates
  • Curves in polar coordinates

  • Logarithmic and semi-logarithmic plots
  • Bar graphs and histograms sectors
  • Three-dimensional graphics
  • Twisted curves and surfaces
  • Graphs of surfaces, meshes and contours
  • Graphs of surfaces in particular coordinates
  • parametric surfaces
  • Viewing volumes and really good graphics
  • Special instructions for graphics

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Statistics Graphics and Curves in Explicit, Parametric and Polar Coordinates plot (X, Y, S) draws plot(X,Y) with the settings defined in S. Usually, S consists of two symbols between single quotes, the first of which sets the color of the line of the graph, and the second sets the character to be used in the plotting. The possible values of colors and characters are, respectively, as follows: y yellow . Point marker m magenta o Circle marker c cyan x X marker r Red + Plus signs g green - Solid line b Blue * Star marker w White : Dotted line k Black -.

J). C can also be a matrix of the same dimension as X and Y, in which case its elements determine the color of each point (Xij, Yij) in the set of polygons. fill(X1,Y1,C1,X2,Y2,C2,…) draws multiple compact polygons whose vertices are given by the points (Xi, Yi, Ci), the meaning of which we already know. 37 Chapter 2 ■ Two-Dimensional Graphics. Statistics Graphics and Curves in Explicit, Parametric and Polar Coordinates EXERCISE 2-6 Represent a regular octagon (square enclosure), whose vertices are defined by pairs of values (Sine (t), Cos (t)), for values of t varying between 8p and 15p/8 separated by 2p/8.

01*pi:4 * pi; r = 3 * a; polar(a, r) title('spiral of ARCHIMEDES') Figure 2-16. 42 Chapter 2 ■ Two-Dimensional Graphics. 8 Bars and Sectors Graphics. Histograms MATLAB constructs bar graphs, sectors, Pareto diagrams and histograms of frequencies through the following commands: bar(Y) draws a bar graph relative to the vector of magnitudes Y. bar(X,Y) draws a bar graph on the vector of magnitudes Y whose elements are given by the vector X. stairs (Y) draws the staggered step graph relative to the vector Y.

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