Measles Virus and its Biology by K. B. Fraser

By K. B. Fraser

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C) Nucleocapsid of twice the normal Ιμιη length from cell lysate (X 75,000). STRUCTURE AND COMPONENTS OF MEASLES VIRUS 43 44 MEASLES VIRUS AND ITS BIOLOGY apparent as little precise chemical information is available on the particles produced by undiluted passage virus. , 1974), although the contribution of RNA to the density of enveloped particles is so small that this factor alone is unlikely to be a major determinant of these differences. It is also possible that the precise mechanism of maturation following UP or DP passages are different as observed with pseudo rabies virus by Ben-Porat et al.

The same thought occurred to Adams et al. (1956), working with ferret lung. , 1959). Plowright and Ferris (1959) noted that rinderpest and measles both show intra-nuclear inclusion bodies at a late stage of the disease and pointed out that both viruses produce stellate cytopathic changes and spindle cell formation. , 1974a) both grow and produce cytopathic effects in cultured leukocytes. , 1964) and extended to ultra-structural morphogenesis in Vero cells for all three viruses (Breese and De Boer, 1973); their studies add the information that immuno-electron microscopy of infected tissue showed all three viruses cross-reacting serologically.

1). T h e virus consists of a n outer m e m b r a n e covered in spikes 9-15 n m in length surrounding t h e t i g h t l y coiled helical nucleocapsid which has a d i a m e t e r of 16-17 n m . Physical properties T h e b u o y a n t density of measles virus has been determined b y equilib r i u m sedimentation on CsCl or p o t a s s i u m t a r t r a t e gradients. T h e reported values lie in t h e range 1-224-1-24 g/cm 3 (Norrby, 1964; N u m a zaki a n d K a r z o n , 1966; H a l l a n d Martin, 1973; Phillips a n d Bussell, 1973).

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