Methods in cell biology. / Volume 6 by David Prescott

By David Prescott

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PREPARATION OF SYNCHRONOUS CELL CULTURES 51 emulsion. After 2 weeks’ exposure, the preparations were developed, fixed, and couiitcrstaiiied with Carazzi’s glycerin-hemaluni through the film. In each sample, tlic pcrccntagc of labcled cells was dctcrrnincd by counting 300 cells. 25 &i/ in1 of thymidine-’H. , 1971). VI. Characteristics of Synchronous Cultures A. Viability of Cells after Centrifugation in Sucrose Gradients In view of the possibility that a certain proportion of the cell population might be irreversibly damaged by centrifugation in sucrose-containing medium, the capacity of cells to form macroscopically visible colonies in a semisolid medium was deteiiiiined.

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Distribution of chromosome numbers in the original line L-929 and in its subline LeP3. 5 Y c 2 JTC-16aP3 PER 66 METAPHASES 10 5 41 4 NUMBER OF CHROMOSOMES FIG. 16. PS. adapted to a synthetic medium. However, in the case of JTC-16eP3,the modal number decreased from about 89 in the original line to 43, and the range of distribution of chroiiiosome numbers was much narrowed. Both JTC-21-P3 and JTC-25 P3 also decreased their modal numbers from 69 and 65, respectively, to 62. , from 59 and 60 to 62.

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