microRNA: Medical Evidence: From Molecular Biology to by Gaetano Santulli

By Gaetano Santulli

This quantity explores microRNA functionality in a wide range of human problems, offering a scientific foundation for precision drugs and custom-made cures utilizing those molecules. The twenty-one chapters, all authored by way of internationally-renowned specialists, open with an advent contextualizing microRNA manipulation inside today’s projects in the direction of precision medication. the subsequent chapters discover the medical position of microRNAs within the analysis and remedy of metabolic and cardiovascular issues, targeting mitochondrial health, arterial high blood pressure, cardiovascular home improvement, cerebrovascular disorder, pulmonary high blood pressure, diabetic kidney ailment, and kidney transplantation. the next chapters talk about the significance of microRNAs within the wound therapeutic strategy and in epidermis sickness, within the pathogenesis of hypersensitive reaction, in human ovulation, and in an infection. The e-book concludes with chapters which define the rising function of microRNAS in doping and element microRNA profiling.

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Furthermore, BDNF, which promotes nociceptive transmission in the dorsal horn, is a well-known MeCP2 target gene, and was downregulated by intrathecal administration of an miR-124 mimic in intact mice. Accordingly, intrathecal administration of a miR-124 mimic reduced the second phase of formalin-induced pain. On the other hand, intrathecal miR-124 treatment was shown to alleviate persistent or chronic pain induced by carrageenan injection and peripheral nerve injury [30], although it was not clarified whether miR-124 expression was reduced in these pain conditions.

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