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The internal Tx transfer signal forces b1=1 . 2. The Write Data Command on the high-tolo w E transition causes b1=O. 3. A "high" on the CTS input causes b1 = 0. Overrun Error b5 = 1: 1. Indi c ates that a character or a number of characte rs were rece i ved but not read from the R x data register prior to subsequent c ha racte rs being received . The Read Data Command on the high-tolo w E transition causes b5=1 and bO=1 if an overrun condi tion exists. The ne xt Read Data Command on the high -to- Io w E transition causes b5=0 and bO=O.

The compiler checks for errors in syntax and then converts the entire HLL program into the target machine language before the program is executed (fig . C16) . Since each line of HLL may result in several machine code instructions , the compiler is a relatively complex program which requires a large area of memory; at least 16 K bytes is usual. Compiler • Fig. C16 ADDRESSING MODE CROSS-COMPILER • HIGH-LEVEL LANGUAGE • INTERPRETER Use of a compiler COMPILER SOFTWA RE Complement A complement, in number systems, is something that completes a number; for example in a 9s complement system the complement of a number is the value that has to be added to it to give a result of 9.

The answer should be 00010011 (1310) . BCD The correct result can be obtained by adding a correction factor of 610 (0110) : 0111 0110 1101 Invalid code in BCD 0110 Correction factor (610) 00010011 Correct BCD result. This correction process, called decimal adjusting, can be made on packed as well as unpacked BCD. Processors such as the 6502 can operate in the decimal mode and automatically carry out this adjustment process. Other processors [6800, Z80] require an instruction called DECIMAL ADJUST ACCUMULATOR (DAA) written into the program.

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