Molecular Biology of the Fission Yeast by Anwar Nasim

By Anwar Nasim

This hugely researched yeast, which represents a approach utilized by mobilephone biologists, geneticists and molecular biologists, has been given merely minimum insurance within the literature. Its houses make it a good organism for DNA and similar biotechnology reseach. This publication, that's the 1st try to collate present info in a single resource, may be a useful reduction to these starting up initiatives with this organism.

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Strictly speaking, therefore, each mat cassette is composed of two genes. In the nomenclature adopted here precedence is given to the estab­ lished symbols Pm and Mm for the meiotic function affected by the mu­ tants B102 and B406 (Egel and Gutz, 1981; Egel, 1984a). Correspondingly Pc and Mc may read conjugation, which is affected in other mutants such as JM56 (Meade and Gutz, 1976). Kelly et al. (1988), on the other hand, have proposed the postscripts i for inducible and c for constitutive, al­ though strictly speaking both sets of transcripts respond to nitrogen star­ vation.

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