Molecular Constants from Microwave Spectroscopy by B. Starck (auth.), K.-H. Hellwege, A. M. Hellwege (eds.)

By B. Starck (auth.), K.-H. Hellwege, A. M. Hellwege (eds.)

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107 Nr. 113 Nr. +20a Nr. *127 Athylenderivate Propylenderivate Molekeln mit 2 Doppelbindungen (einschlieBlich Ketenen) Molekeln mit Dreifachbindung d) Molecules with two internal symmetric rotors Nr. -136 d) Molekeln mit zwei symmetrischen Kreiseln e) Elementorganic Nr. +48 e) Elementorganische Nr. Nr. Nr. Sr. 191 g) Ungesiittigte zyklische und aromatische Verbindungen j-gliedrige Ringe 4-gliedrige Ringe 5-gliedrige Ringe 6-gliedrige Kohlenstoffringe sonstige Ringc compounds f) Saturated cyclic compounds 3 membered rings 4 membered rings 5 membered rings 6 and higher membered rings g) Unsaturated cyclic and aromatic compounds 3 membered rings 4 membered rings 5 membered rings 6 membered carbon rings miscellaneous rings Nr.

V=o A = 57384,526l B=9170,3512 C = 7%9,6007 1) Different centrifugal distortion constants see p. 50. 0381166568 1‘147 ZLZZ. 5 = 60485,32 Varia, remarks cE3)2=0,090f0,017 C =S767,90&0,5 e Ref. 1 See for also kruc. Tab. ,.. 32;2* = z :I:.? 38333 -00,050352 -0,0377297567 -IO,2128457 0939444026 -0,0671009423 -0,0325740593 --5,73736313 0,338908673 -0,045330711 ! : equilibrium configuration.

9226,444 (9254,125) *) Ref. 1769 G23 Nr. , ture G23 V 12 = (O,OO3O) *) = (0,143) *) Ref. G23 G23 v12 v12, DJ MC/S G23 G23 G23 G23 V 12, DJ =0,00390 D~x=0,1777 J6 DJR C13H3CN Ref. MC/S a,, =46,3 a,= 52 ag;q27,3 mc19, c13 JcT3 M12, j-r. 2,J61 [c 131 [Cl3, v,,(e) : 361 cm-l [V 121 58 = 0894 iIJ 61 ’ c 13, KG. 05 785s,117 &0,004 S SS, DJ = 0,00464 &0,00003 D~~=0,11059~0,00005 SSS SSS, K6 DJx=~,llo K6 K6. T77, lMl2 C13D,CN v=o 7695>19 M 12, Tll CD3(Y3N v=o 7848,51 KG. Tll, Ml2 CD,CN16 +) Values tentative.

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