My Lady by Shiloh Walker

By Shiloh Walker

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She never heard a sound, but suddenly he was closer. Close enough that she could feel his warmth, close enough that she caught his scent—male, spiced…rather appealing. Focus, Nae, she told herself. There is no time for this. Still, desperate as she was, she wouldn’t go blindly. ” she inquired, trying not to let the fear she felt color her words. There was something oddly familiar about his accent, but she could not place it. “There is no time for questions, answers, explanations. Soon, the dead guards will be discovered and we must be gone before it happens, else you’ll remain a pretty prisoner and my men and I shall die.

She remembered. Quite clearly. And up until her father had installed an Oonkaen warrior female in Nae’s chambers to watch her every movement, she’d even had some hope that her brother had known something he had yet to share with her. ” The levity left his voice and Valin, somber and serious, asked another question. “What would you be willing to do to escape the road that lies ahead, Nae? Anything? ” She curled her lip in disgust. “Nearly anything…yes. But anything? No. Our father is willing to do anything and look at what he does.

She thought, a little dazed. He’d killed thirty-five. No—not he. He’d mentioned “we”. ” “No time,” he repeated, and there was a bit of an edge to his voice. Feeling the fool, Nae fell into silence and followed along beside him. They must be of a similar height, for she had no trouble keeping pace with him. Her mind still struggled to form a mental picture of her rescuer. Their heights were similar, his hand felt no larger than any of the men she’d come in contact with. It didn’t match the bulky image she’d glimpsed before he doused her light.

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