Mysticism and Magic In Turkey by Lucy Garnett

By Lucy Garnett

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J. P. Brown also describes an encounter which a Dervish friend of his had with one of these " Lords of Souls," or, as he terms them, " Spiritual Owners," while on a pilgrimage to the tomb of the Khahf Ah. His name was Jemel-edDin of Kufa, and the Dervish described him as a person of middle stature, perfectly naked, with scanty hair and beard, of feeble frame, and apparently some forty to fifty years of age. When the Dervish came up with him in the desert and ahghted from his horse for the purpose of offering his homage, the saint turned round suddenly, and The pilgrim cried in a loud voice, " Go to Allah " 1 was too startled and frightened to kiss the hand of THE SPIRITUAL HIERARCHY man 37 had intended, and returned to Kufa, which place he had passed on his way.

But on the eighth day the True BeUever, moved by curiosity, seated himself on the sheepskin of the Suddenly he saw as in one glance the whole Chief. world with everything in and upon it, even to the innermost thoughts of men, and was filled with wonder and dehght. As the hour for the return of the thirty-nine approached, he took another seat, where they found him. " What hast thou done ? " they demanded in voices of thunder. " " Nay, I did not," mendaciously rephed the pious man. But scarcely had he said the words than the hall became dark, and he found himself again in the cemetery outside the Adrianople gate.

For the next three days he was unconscious, his sight failed, and I saw that his case was hopeless. On the fourth day, at the hour he had mentioned, he came to himself, and asked me to send for the Brethren. I did so, and declared itself. they again prayed over him. Then, turning to me, he said, My brother, I have been a sore burden to you all my hfe. ' I made the heldl, holding the poor saint's head on my knees. He I am content,' and breathed his last then said, ' ' of the ceremonies at a Moslem funeral is the giving It of heldl by the friends and relatives of the defunct.

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