Neo-Conned!: Just War Principles: A Condemnation of War in by D. Liam O'Huallachain, J. Forrest Sharpe, George Lopez

By D. Liam O'Huallachain, J. Forrest Sharpe, George Lopez PhD, Bishop Hilarion Capucci

Refuting the parable that America's socially conservative thinkers, reporters, and commentators are inclined to aid the conflict in Iraq, this article contains the reviews of a few of the major figures in America's conservative circulate on why the choice to visit battle and the continued career of Iraq was once and is the inaccurate plan of action. Twenty-five articles by means of influential thinkers comparable to former presidential candidate Pat Buchanan, syndicated columnists Sam Francis, Joseph Sobran, Eric Margolis, and Charley Reese, best economist Jude Wanniski, social critics Tom Fleming and Paul Gottfried, and spiritual figures Bishop John Michael Botean and the past due Alfredo Cardinal Ottaviani make the case opposed to the Iraqi clash utilizing conservative arguments on geopolitics, Christian morality, and customary feel. 4 distinct appendices at the conflict teachings of the Roman Catholic Church also are supplied.

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Faces to meet even this criterion is a heavy one. Reflecting upon what would be required in order to measure up to this notion of greater justice resulting from the invasion, a few points come quickly to mind: 1. Saddam Hussein and other well-known Iraqi officials should have been formally charged with war crimes and crimes against humanity, and an international court proceeding held to bring their cases to justice in the fullest sense of that term. But unfortunately, both the capture of the infamous “deck of cards” leaders and their holding has been used for intelligence and political purposes only, the latter indicated through frequent manipulation by the interim government of news statements of impending trials.

JW: I really don’t think it was known to President Clinton. The CIA certainly must have known all about it, for goodness sakes, because Ritter wrote another book about it in the spring of 2002 with William Rivers Pitt, War on Iraq: What Team Bush Doesn’t Want You to Know. If George Tenet of the CIA didn’t read it or know about it, he should be ashamed of himself. It takes only an hour or two to read and you can buy it used on Amazon these days for less than $1. Yet, when President George W. Bush appeared before the UN General Assembly in September 2002, he produced a raft of unsubstantiated accusations to justify forceful action by the United Nations – and failing that, unilateral action by the United States.

There would be attempts to continue to address the security situation with an eye toward increasing respect for Iraqi civilian lives and casualties. This has been the “elephant in the living room” since the start of the Iraq war. S. forces, most notably from aerial bombing and our use of heavy attack weapons. At the war’s outset the Pentagon announced that it had no obligation to provide information on the number of Iraqi soldiers killed or wounded. ” So the major assault on Fallujah proceeded with virtually no documentation or imperative about doing so regarding its resident civilians.

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