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By Daniel J. BARRETT

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The goal of this chapter is to get you comfortable viewing the Internet in multiple ways. With practice, you'll get a feel for which views are best under different circumstances. Page 22 Diverse Views Are Useful If you ask several people to describe the Internet, you'll receive a variety of answers. One person might think of it as a gigantic bunch of computers connected to one another. Someone else may see it as a collection of programs, like email software and World Wide Web browsers, that help us communicate and find things.

On the other hand, if you need information on a particular topic but have no idea where to find it, the library view is useful. Viewing the Internet as a collection of programs or resources has other advantages. When people view the Internet in only one way, searching can be difficult. Some users, for example, view the Net only as a library, using a Web search engine as they would a card catalog. " These people give up. The desired information might still be out there, but it can't be located by this method.

BrowserCommandAmerica Online browserNo command needed: just type the URL in the space provided. Microsoft NetworkClick on the "Reveal Internet Toolbar" button. net/GJ/ This site contains an interesting set of Gopher sites. Another information source similar to the World Wide Web is Gopher. Gopher is much more limited, however. It uses only text and can link only to other Gopher pages, whereas the Web has pictures and sound and can link to many types of pages. If you connect to a Gopher site using a Web browser, you'll see a fairly barren-looking menu of choices, as in Figure 22.

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