Neurological Rehabilitation of Parkinson's Disease (Queen by Alan J Thompson MD FRCP FRCPI, Diane Playford

By Alan J Thompson MD FRCP FRCPI, Diane Playford

The rehabilitation of Parkinson's illness sufferers contains a variety of sorts of treatment: actual, speech and psychosocial treatment. actual rehabilitation is utilized in conjunction with a number of anti-parkinsonian brokers as a non-pharmacological therapy for Parkinson's ailment. This e-book explores the long term and non permanent merits of actual treatment and the effectiveness of actual rehabilitation. it truly is perfect for geriatricians, neurologists, pharmacologists and an individual operating with those sufferers.

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Early in the course of the illness, the spouses received almost no help from others, but help from relatives, friends or paid helpers increased significantly in the later stages of PD (stages IV and V). As expected from these results, caregiver strain was experienced across all five stages but became significantly greater as PD progressed. In a small cohort of 45 patients with PD and their spouses, Fernandez et al. 05). While spouse depression was significantly higher for those PD patients with sleep disturbance than those without, the presence of hallucinations, delusions, cognitive impairment or incontinence in the PD patient had no significant effect on spouse depression.

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