New Generation 4: Workbook by Digby Beaumont, Colin Granger, David King

By Digby Beaumont, Colin Granger, David King

A four-part ELT path which takes secondary and young-adult scholars from newbie to upper-intermediate point. It combines grammar, services, vocabulary and abilities, and comprises actions designed to inspire scholars to take advantage of the language and speak successfully.

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Antiquarian activity is one area where the model he proposes - the relocation of Propertius' new-old Rome', in The Roman cultural revolution, eds T. Habinek and A. Schiesaro (Cambridge 1998) 122-35 (124): 'the poetic city Propertius creates is a nostalgic counterpart of Augustus' physical creation of the new monuments'. 77 A. Momigliano, 'The historians of the classical world and their audiences: some suggestions', ASNP ser. 1 (1978) 59-75 = Sesto contributo alia storia degli studi classici e del mondo antico I (Rome 1980)361-76(376).

J. Kenney, 'Books and readers in the Roman world', in The Cambridge history of classical literature II. Latin literature, eds E. J. Kenney and W. V. Clausen (Cambridge 1982) 3-32, especially 16-17. 38 Small, Wax tablets (n. 36, above) 164-67. 39 It is worth observing that difficulties in reading manuscripts noted by modern scholars may not have been considered so problematic by ancient ones. 40 Such an assistant might be quite learned, capable of translating Latin and Greek, for example (Small, Wax tablets (n.

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