Nitroxide Radicals. Part 2 by H. Fischer (auth.), H. Fischer (eds.)

By H. Fischer (auth.), H. Fischer (eds.)

Volume II/17d2 is the second one a part of the fourth subvolume of a complement to the former compilations II/1 and II/9a-d on magnetic homes of loose radicals, released in 1965 and 1977-1980, which coated the literature as much as 1975. because of the carrying on with quick improvement of the sector and the inclusion of latest topics, the complement masking the interval 1975-1985 needed to be cut up into numerous subvolumes which look in speedy succession. including the sooner volumes, II/17 bargains an updated and complete survey and a suite of knowledge on vital chemical intermediates. The sequence all started with subvolume II/17a, which treats inorganic radicals and radical ions in addition to radicals in steel complexes. Subvolume II/17b bargains with nonconjugated carbon radicals. Subvolume II/17c covers conjugated carbon-centered and nitrogen radicals. Subvolumes II/17e and II/17f which seemed on the finish of 1987, are eager about radicals based on heteroatoms with Z>7 and chosen anion radicals. Subvolumes II/17d1 (December 1988) and II/17d2 (presented herewith) deal with nitroxide radicals.

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22(2) 79 Reh 6/ 81 Voe I, 82Ter1, 85 DeJ 1 y-irr. / add. Ref. Hz0 EPR, ENDOR/ 279 300 (a), (‘4 KCH3WWO12 + (CH&CNCHCIHS da g-Factor (CH,),CN+(O-)=CHC,H,/ (4 C6H6 (b) W-b (continued) 45) ArO’ = 2&diphenylstearoxyphenoxyl. 46) Signsdetermined by crossrelaxation intensity sequencepattern. 183 (a) 84 Jan 2 46) (b) 83 Nik 1. 052mT. 48) ArO’ = 2,6-diphenylstearoxyphenoxyl. / add. Ref. ZNCHC~HS (4. / add. Ref. 23(2) 80 Reh 3. 31 79 Gas 1 X-it-r. 154 79 Zub 1 X-it-r. 154 79 Zub 1 a-Value b- [C,,H,,NOJ y& (CH3J3CNCHC6HS9 b- [C,J-bJ’W’ PC& (CH&CNCHC6H5 ccl, A* [C~J-bPW PC(CHJ,CH&H#H, (CH3),CNCHC6HS ALd-LsNW W >o P (CH,)JNCHC~HS b* 49) Tentative assignment.

4 Nitroxides formed by trapping with acyclic nitrones Land&-BBmstein New Series II/l 7d2 Ref. p. 4 Nitroxides formed by trapping with acyclic nitrones Substance [Cl ,%NP,I’ Y°C5H4N (CH3)JNCHC6H, A* LJL,NW COC6H, (CH,),CN&HC,H, b- P3WWl YN (CH,),CNCHC,H, A* 38) Values for 17 solvents: plot of aN vs. Et(,,,. / add. Ref. / add. Ref. HCdHS & [C,,H,,N,Ol’ NHNH2 ,,,,,,,p,,,H, 39) Radical gcncratcd also in severalother ways. / add. Ref. 28 87 Gro 1 X-irr. 08 82 Spa 1 Photolytic reaction of S,Oi+(CH&CN+(O-)=CHCsHs/ f-W + CN- bIC,,%NdM H,CNCONH, (CH3)3CNCHC,H, A- [G APAl’ H,CNCO&H, (CHJ,C+HC,H, 0 [C,c&,WU 300 &X0 (CHJ3CNCHC,H, d- LJb,N,W’ HOr ’ Nx; (CH3)3CNCHC,H, A- X-irr.

X-irr. 37 82 Spa 1 y-irr. 42 770kh 1 (a) 79 Kot 1 CHY v (CH,)aCNCHC& da OH + 0 (CH&CN+(O-)=CHChHS I' OH (CH&CNCHC6HS A- [C, J-bWbl’ (CH3)2COCH(CH& (CH&CNCHC6HS A- G,HmN,0J (NO&CCJ& I (CH&CNCHC~HS C7H16 Photolytic reaction of (C,H,),CO + (CH,),CHOCH(CH,),+ C,H,CH=N+(O-)C(CHs)J (CH,),CHOCWCHs)2 C(NOt)4+C,H,C-(NO,)z+ (CH,),CN+(O-)=CHC,Hs/ Diglyme A- [C,J%,N0J CH(OH)CH2C6HS (CH&CNCHC6HS d* (a) Photochem. 00591(7) (continued) (b) 2H) Diastereoisomericnitroxides. / add. Ref. 221 78 Mai 2 Method/ + g-Factor + (CH,),CNCHC,H5 A- a-Value (CH&CN+(O-)=CHC,H, / C& Photolytic reaction of C,H,COC(OCH,),C,H, + C6H5CH=N+(O-)C(CH,)J GJ-LW,I' H,C,C(OCH,), (CH&CNCH&,H, A- Cd-b L%N,Ol’ Electra-oxidation of 3 (CH&CNCHC6H, is G&,NW (CH,),CN+(O-)=CHC,H, / CH,CN Photochem.

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