Nonfiction Comprehension Test Practice: Time for Kids Grade by Dr. Fry

By Dr. Fry

In line with articles from TIME for children journal, actions supply examining comprehension perform in standardized try structure.

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What was the name of a separated section of a city where Jewish people were required to live during World War II? a. ghetto b. Germany c. Myrtle Beach d. academy 5. Whitwell students chose paper clips because a. paper clips were found in the concentration camps. b. the Norwegians wore them as a sign of resistance to the Nazis. c. they represented the number of children killed by the Nazis. d. they were very scarce during World War II. 2. Which of the following statements is not true? 6.

Hieroglyphics is a form of picture writing used in ancient Egypt. These ancient writings and drawings helped locate the lost island Antirhodos. An alphabet of hieroglyphics is given below. In this alphabet, each picture represents a letter in the English language. Note that one hieroglyph may represent more than one letter. The hieroglyphics below are greatly simplified. The actual hieroglyphics of ancient Egypt are very complex and difficult to translate, and, of course, the language being written would be ancient Egyptian and not English.

In the paragraph, the “promised land” refers to a. Detroit. b. Canada. c. employment opportunities. d. factories. 40 #10336 Nonfiction Comprehension Test Practice ©Shell Educational Publishing Lesson 4 ARTICLE FROM Name___________________________________________ Date___________ Whole Story Comprehension Directions: Read the story below and answer the questions on the following page. Remembering Their Journey When Frederick and Katrina Jones visit the Museum of African-American History in Detroit, Michigan, they can see the great achievements of black Americans from past generations.

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