Nucleic Acid Research. Future Development by Kiyoshi Mizobuchi

By Kiyoshi Mizobuchi

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1982). the true helix repeat is two successive base pairs. The Ζ helix technically is a sixfold helix with two base pairs per step, and not a twelvefold helix. III. TORSION ANGLES AND SUGAR CONFORMATION Seven torsion angles per nucleotide are required to define the course of the DNA double helix: six along the main chain plus the glycosyl angle about the bond connecting the CI' atom of the sugar to the Ν atom of the base. In the currently recommended IUB/IUPAC nomenclature these are a through δ and χ as shown in Fig.

11. Br Skeletal representation of the packing of CGCGAATT CGCG double helical molecules within the crystal. Open and crossed circles indicate phosphorus atom positions on neighboring helices. Reentrant angles between phophorus positions mark C I ' positions, with thin lines connecting them to represent the base pairs. Neighboring molecules along the c (vertical) direction in the crystal interlock their minor grooves. TABLE III. 38 1 ^Calculated using central 10 base pairs only. 12 48 Richard E.

J. Mol. Biol. 81, 93-105. Conner, Β. , and Dickerson, R. E. (1982). Nature(London) 295, 294-299. Dickerson, R. E. and Drew, H. R. (1981a). /. Mol. Biol. 149, 761-776. Dickerson, R. E. and Drew, H. R. (1981b). Proc. Natl. Acad. Sei. U. S. 78, 7318-7333. Dickerson, R. , Drew, H. R, and Conner, Β. N. (1981). In "Biomolecular Stereodynamics" (R. H. ), Vol. 1, pp. 1-34. Adenine Press, New York. Dickerson, R. , Drew, H. , Fratini, Α. , and Kopka, M. L. (1982). Science, 216, 475-485. Dickerson, R. , and Pjura, R(1983).

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