Nutrient Metabolism : Structures, Functions, and Genes by Martin Kohlmeier

By Martin Kohlmeier

Nutrient Metabolism, moment variation, provides a finished assessment of the availability and use of meals within the human physique and the way the physique regulates consumption. Chapters element the rules picking digestion and absorption of nutrition components and the way those compounds and their metabolites get into the mind, pass the placenta and go through the kidneys. every one nutrient’s assurance encompasses a dietary precis that describes its functionality, its meals assets, nutritional requisites, strength future health hazards if poor, and influence of over the top consumption. This guide comprises the most recent info at the scope of buildings, procedures, genes and cofactors enthusiastic about holding a fit stability of nutrient provides. Of curiosity to quite a lot of execs simply because nutrient matters connect with such a lot of audiences, the publication includes a helpful hyperlink to nutritional supplements.

  • Latest examine findings on overall healthiness and medical results of food and of interventions affecting nutrient provide or metabolism
  • Each nutrient coated includes a dietary precis describing its functionality, foodstuff assets, nutritional specifications, capability overall healthiness dangers if poor, and effect of over the top intake.
  • Nutrient details instantly accessible--from resource to effect--in one quantity

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