Old Ironsides - US armored forces

Flames of battle - previous Ironsides - US armored forces КНИГИ ;ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ Flames of struggle - previous Ironsides - US armored forcesЯзык: EnglishГод издания: 2003Количество страниц: 76Формат: pdfРазмер: one hundred ten mb (38+38+24) скачать -1 http://10manhobby./8880931 скачать -2 http://10manhobby./8880932 скачать -3 http://10manhobby./8880930 eighty five

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The player with an Infantry Company will defend against a player with a Motorised Infantry Company or a Tank company, and a player with a Motorised Infantry Company will defend against a Tank Company. In all other cases, both players roll a die and the highest scoring player chooses to attack or defend. 3. The defending player chooses two diagonally opposite table quarters to deploy in. The attacker then chooses one of the remaining table quarters as their deployment area. 5. The attacker places two objectives in the remaining table quarter.

7. The attacker must hold one platoon and may hold up to half of their force off table as a flank attack. The rest of the force deploys in their table quarter, more than 8”/20cm from any enemy teams and more than 16”/40cm from all visible enemy teams. No mans land Attacker’s flank attack arrives here 24”/60cm 8. The defender now places their Company Command team in their deployment area or in mobile reserve arriving as another platoon, then the attacker places their Company Command team in their deployment area.

However, if time permits the local commander will form up the flank marching troops at a safe distance from the battlefield before launching a concentrated strike. Each time the attacking player successfully rolls for the arrival of a flank marching platoon, they can either hold the new platoon off-table to form up, or bring it onto the table immediately. Platoons that are forming up may be brought on at the start of any turn, even if no further platoons have arrived from the flank march. BREAKTHROUGH Breakthrough missions use the Flank Attack, Prepared Positions, and Mobile Defence special rules.

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