Omaha Orange: A Popular History of EMS in America by Carl J. Post

By Carl J. Post

Crucial interpreting for an individual who has ever questioned how EMS in the US advanced into its current nation.

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Liberals were in, but for how long? And what did they mean to an inchoate EMS movement? It was hard for EMS people to know the answers to these questions. Licentiousness sometimes emerged as a synonym for liberal. Free speech, free love, and the freedom to use recreational drugs such as LSD were surfacing in American life. Poets using profanity at University of California, Berkeley, proclaimed that morals may be absolute, but ethics were situational. If it felt good, then you should at least try to do it.

The federal government persisted in playing a role it had played since the New Deal of 1933. The government would, as before, intervene in the private lives of Americans in a way that was presumed to be beneficial to them. It would also play a leading, though cautious, role in the development and expansion of the nation's health care system. Health care was a right, not a commodity, available only to the well-to-do. Finishing the American health care delivery system remained on a list of tasks that President Nixon would have to address during an administration largely concerned with war abroad, civil unrest at home, and harnessing the energies of a putative silent majority.

Hospitals were already filled. EMS people were diverted from one emergency room to the next, and their patients lay in the back rig hoping to win at patient placement roulette. On the other hand, in the 1990s, it is hard to remember the time when health care was energized by a kind of relentless optimism. Folks had reference to two documents. Both of them decried the senseless deaths of Americans from traumas and trauma-related medical emergencies. From the sixties came the discussion of accidental death and disabilitya neglected disease.

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