On Speech Act Verbs by Jef Verschueren

By Jef Verschueren

This essay matters the research of speech act verbs. It bargains various principles which shape theoretical preliminaries to the research of this phenomenon.

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The verb TO ASK, for instance, has two meanings, viz. 'to ask for something' (as in (47)) and 'to ask a question' (as in (48)). ON SPEECH ACT VERBS 28 (47) John asked for Mary's book. or (48) John asked Mary to give her book. John asked where Mary was. Though English can disambiguate the two senses by using TO ASK FOR in (47), this is often not done at all, hence TO ASK has both meanings. In Hungarian, and probably in many other languages as well, there is no general verb incorporating the two meanings: KERIMI would be used to translate (47) and KERDEZNI to render (48).

D. Jo éjszaká-t kfvan-ok. (Good day-Acc wish-I) (Good evening-Acc wish-I) (Good night-Acc wish-I) Not only do (43a) through (43d) sound perfectly natural, but I was assured that they occur at least as often as the abbreviated forms (without the KÍVÁNOK-part). A second observation: sometimes a certain language uses a partic­ ular SAV in a situation where you would not expect it. Often social roles and rules of etiquette are responsible for such uses. A case WHY BOTHER ? 25 in point is the Hungarian word for TO COMMAND, viz.

IV. Linguistics. Since language pervades people's experience of ewery domain of reality, it is not surprising that linguistics is inclined to use notions from many fields of knowledge. All the philosophical, anthropological and psychological notions touched upon in the foregoing paragraphs have found applications in linguistics. Therefore, if the study of SAVs is relevant to the philosophy of language, linguistic anthropology and cognitive psychology, it must also be relevant to linguistics. Furthermore, no thorough screening of the complete set of SAVs of any language has been undertaken yet, as far as I know (though a classified listing of SAVs of German, without much theory and not based on a detailed analysis of each individual SAV, exists: see Ballmer et al.

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