Open Me Up: Everything You Need to Know About The Human Body by DK Publishing

By DK Publishing

Every thing you want to learn about the human physique – in a unusual package deal, in book structure. Open up the glossy disguise and exhibit your baby how all of the bony, bloody and squelchy goings on inside of their our bodies make it paintings. They'll get the lowdown on every thing from human cells and senses to mind constitution and physique structures. make a journey during the heritage of drugs and physique technology from Hippocrates to the Human Genome venture. discover extra approximately left-handedness, reminiscence tips and what sensory talents are had to be a certified meals taster! Quirky twists and ideas tick the side-splitting field - the place else are they going to discover the digestive procedure modelled out of balloons, dinosaurs testing a human skeleton in a museum, or a comic strip strip telling the tale of the invention of penicillin? A gutsy, cheeky, ailing, hip, nosey, heady, convenient, mouth-watering and attention-grabbing examine the human physique!

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Watch a Maori apply traditional markings. 491 views In the pink Not many people take body art this far. Piercing has become a form of self-expression, something that makes an individual style statement. Related videos Related videos PIERCING TRIBES/.... 59 From: 349856 Views: 2965 Replay So you think body piercing is a new craze? Think again – people have been doing it for centuries. Some of the objects they insert through holes made in their bodies (mostly ears or lips) can seem very bizarre to us – twigs, feathers, or pottery discs, for example.

This is most obvious in light-skinned people, where blood beneath the skin is easier to see. HAEMOGLOBIN Now push the button for some yelloworange tones from the carotene that collects in the uppermost part of the skin. This colour is most noticeable on the soles of feet, especially the heels, where the skin is thickest. CAROTENE This protein is an essential ingredient. Its colours range from yellow to reddishbrown to black. People with dark skin have more melanin than light-skinned people. This acts as a natural defence against the Sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Indd40 40 13/5/09 9/3/09 14:05:52 12:10:28 the brain The body’s most complex organ, the brain is shown here with main areas colour tinted. Under that wrinkly covering, millions of electrical signals are whizzing through a network of brain cells that make you think, feel, and be you. food processor When organs work together for a common purpose they form a system. The teeth, tongue, oesophagus, stomach, intestines, liver, and other organs make up the digestive system, which processes food and extracts substances that the body can use.

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