Organizational Biosynthesis. A Symposium by Henry J Vogel

By Henry J Vogel

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The ability to recombine was lost at a much faster rate than was the viability of the population. This implies that deprivation of thymidine results in the immediate loss of the ability to integrate the donor DNA in those cells which have taken it up. When DNA was added to the competent cells and then thymine was removed, we found that the transformed cells were relatively immune to thymineless death ( 8 ) . W e also found that competent cells are immune TRANSFORMATION AND MACROMOLECULAR SYNTHESIS 45 to thymineless death only after taking up DNA and not before.

Subtilis DNA. The sediment in the bottom of the tube was refractionated on a second sucrose gradient. The resulting pellet material was designated as "purified fraction" and was used in the experiments reported below. An electron micrograph of such a membrane fraction is shown in Fig. 3. Here, molecules of DNA and fragments of cell membrane are visible. No intact or partially lysed cells were detected in this fraction. The polymerase associated with this fraction showed peculiar properties. 001 Μ ) .

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