Oxford Bible Atlas by Adrian Curtis

By Adrian Curtis

Это издание с полноцветными картами и иллюстрациями, демонстрирует современное состояние дел в библейской археологии и топографии. Атлас поможет читателям Библии понимать контекст, в котором создавалась Библия, оценивать мир, в котором она появилась и который формировал её фон. Карты показывают географическое положение мест, связанных с библейскими историями, в то время как специально подобранные иллюстрации дают представление о жизни стран и их народов. Сопроводительный текст описывает землю Палестины, и её более обширное древнее Ближневосточное и Восточно-Средиземноморское окружение. В нем выделены последовательные исторические периоды, и описаны главные цивилизации, с которыми контактировали израильтяне, иудеи и ранние христиане. Атлас может служить превосходным справочным пособием по географии Святой Земли по всей библейской истории: от Исхода до времен Нового Завета.Образцы сканов:

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The early rains come in the autumn and with them begins the agricultural year because ploughing can now be done on the rain29 Mean Annual Rainfall softened ground. It is quite understandable that the Israelites had an autumnal calendar; as in the modern Jewish calendar, the New Year occurred in the autumn, near the autumnal equinox. The heaviest rainfall occurs from December to March. The later or spring rains are those of April and May, so important for the ripening of the crops (see Prov. 16: 15; Jer.

25: 27–30; Jer. 45 Section of the reliefs from the Palace of Sennacherib at Nineveh, depicting the siege of Lachish. Here Sennacherib is shown seated on a throne, receiving the surrender of the city. ) Israel and the Nations 52: 31–4). The territory which had belonged to Judah remained under Babylonian control until the Persians became the dominant power in the Near East. The exile in Babylon was the context of the activity of the prophet Ezekiel, and part of the Book of Isaiah (chapters 40–55) is widely held to have originated in Babylon and been primarily addressed to the Jewish exiles there.

11: 9) is Babylon, and the story may owe its origins to reminiscences of the construction of ziggurats or temple-towers by the Sumerians. Abraham and his family are said to have travelled from Ur in southern Mesopotamia to Haran in the north (Gen. 11: 31). There is a reference in Genesis 14: 1 to a King Amraphel of Shinar (see the chapter on ‘The Patriarchs in Canaan’). Isaac’s wife, Rebekah, is said to have come from Aram-naharaim, more specifically Paddan-aram (Gen. 24: 10, 25: 20), and it was there that Jacob went to find a wife (Gen.

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